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About us - GunSpot

Our team consists of former soldiers and weapon enthusiasts, active sportsmen, shooting instructors, trained in Poland and abroad - united by a shared passion and desire to share their knowledge. Get to know us.

GunSpot - szkolenia strzeleckie, imprezy strzeleckie, team-building, eventy dla firm, trening strzelecki, kurs strzelecki, pozwolenie na broń.

Story of GunSpot

Years of shared experiences, litres of sweat lost during training sessions, new acquaintances and male friendships - these are all good grounds to create something lasting. If we add a passion for shooting, we get...

Some of us were soldiers, also from special units, with extensive experience gained during missions abroad. In 2015 we decided that we will officially provide training, entertainment and build solid team relations under the brand.

We're here for you.

GunSpot - Shooting training courses and commercial events

Strzelnica Słubice

Shooting range

Our headquarters are located at a shooting range in Słubice. We invite everyone interested in shooting - both experienced users and beginners. Everyone is welcome. We are open Monday to Friday. Details on the Contact page.

Strzelnica Słubice

Shooting training

We offer shooting training - sports and combat shooting - at every skill level. We are experienced shooters, each of us has our own specialisations. We are constantly training ourselves - in Poland and abroad - to acquire new knowledge and pass it on to our customers.

Strzelnica Słubice

Combat training

Combat training - combined with tactical elements, for groups and individuals. At any age and at any skill level. We also cooperate and organize training courses with world-leading instructors. Our training courses are conducted by former operators of JW GROM.

Strzelnica Słubice

Commercial events

Commercial events for companies, organizations and smaller groups (special events) - all over Poland. We will adapt the event programme to the customer's requirements and participants' skills. We add variety to the event with numerous surprises - let us surprise you!

Strzelnica Słubice

Open Events

Are you passionate about weapons or shooting sports? Come to our open events: barbecues, shooting picnics and open days. You will meet a lot of interesting people, see amazing equipment and ask any questions you want.

Strzelnica Słubice

WarriorFit (CrossFit)

Thanks to our cooperation with the local CrossFit club, we are able to hold “WarriorFit” classes at our facility. A special programme of outdoor exercises, improving strength, fitness and well-being - not only for shooters. Ask about our classes through the Contact page.

GunSpot Team

Kacper Rudzki

Kacper Rudzki


- sports and combat shooting instructor
- active sportsman
- member of the LSDP league


Jakub Przetocki


- active sportsman
- former sharpshooter 6.BPD
- IDF and CMAS diver
- climber

...and a few more “Friends”